Chef Laura

“Food is the bonding element of people. I am simply the alchemist.” ~ Laura.

For nearly 3 decades I have been pouring my passion for fashion, entertainment and the culinary arts into my life and career. I’ve worked as a chef in restaurants, on movie sets, and high-end resorts. I have toured with bands like Duran Duran and Red Hot Chili Peppers, created exciting meals for celebrities, and catered elegant social and corporate events both large and small. I’ve always been inspired by the impact food has on living, on loving, and on life.

As I child I vividly remember the warm feelings evoked by the feasts prepared by my mother and father. As the eldest I was very involved in helping prepare for family gatherings, and was keenly aware that the omnipresence of food had the effect of unifying everyone in deep feelings of celebration and tradition. I cherish those memories.

Later, the mélange of my love for theatre, entertaining, and the culinary arts, along with my flair for style and design became my signature as a chef. Whether I’m preparing my “this is the best lamb in the world” dish, which, to be honest could be herbed, pistachio-crusted, or a simple Dijon, my goal of perfect timing and delicate seasoning guarantees the guests will savour every bite.

I believe that food should reflect the mood. I really make an effort to think ahead about how each dish should be prepared to really titillate the senses and add meaning to an event. Food gives life, true, but food also influences mood. The right combination of carefully selected ingredients can elevate a get-together from a meal to a memorable event. Dreamy, whimsical, corporate, even somber, can be conjured into a feast for the senses by finessing details like menu selection, presentation, adornment, and aroma.

I get really excited about turning simple events into celebratory experiences. A casual backyard barbecue or wedding, an informal cottage clambake, or a sophisticated penthouse cocktail party, there’s never a place that isn’t perfect for a sensory celebration that people will remember for years to come. Be it Italian comfort food, elegant canapés, exotic charcutière, or healthy organics, food is the bonding element of people … I am simply the alchemist. [Chef Laura bio PDF]

Here’s What Clients Are Saying:

Sarah Tai, United Front Games

“During a rigorous period caused by an intense project timeline Chef Laura came to the rescue of United Front Games. After we had a few hiccups with other caterers she quickly got meals on track for our team of 180 people. Chef Laura and her team catered dinners 4 or 5 times a week and snacks during the day. Laura’s commitment to her craft is evident in her professionalism, tasty food and natural hospitality. She also took the time to set up the meal and explain the food to the staff. Our catering requests were managed with ease and dependability, and the entire Chef Laura team were ever so helpful.” — United Front Games


Cheryl Stinson

“Laura’s passion and excitement about food comes through in what she does. By the second day they were peeking into the kitchen to see what Chef Laura was making! These international travelers who are accustomed to the very best, gave Laura first class accolades for her outstanding meals. They even bragged about her to our competitors who called to ask about the experience.”  — CRC Research Corp.


I get really excited about turning simple events into celebratory experiences.

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