Private Cooking

Laura also is a private chef for wealthy people and will be implementing for that.

Private Dining Experiences – Unmatched Culinary Elegance

A Journey with the Stars

For nearly three decades, I have packed my passion for fashion, entertainment, and the culinary arts into a truly unique career. I’ve had the honor of working as a chef in high-end resorts, on glamorous movie sets, and touring with iconic bands like Duran Duran and Red Hot Chili Peppers. My culinary creations have been savored by celebrities, including David Duchovny and other esteemed actors from the X Files, adding a touch of Hollywood glamour to my culinary journey. This experience has inspired me and reinforced my belief that great food is essential to living, loving, and celebrating life’s finest moments.


Cherished Memories and Culinary Excellence

As a child, the warm, unifying power of food, as showcased in the feasts prepared by my parents, left a lasting impression on me. This early exposure to the world of culinary arts has been the foundation of my commitment to creating exceptional dining experiences. My signature as a chef is defined by a blend of my love for theatre, entertaining, and culinary arts, paired with a distinctive flair for style and design. Whether preparing a herbed, pistachio-crusted lamb or a simple Dijon dish, my dedication to perfect timing and delicate seasoning guarantees that guests will savor every bite of remarkable cuisine.

Personalized Culinary Experiences

In my role as a private chef for affluent individuals and groups, I prioritize creating tailored, celebratory experiences that leave a lasting impression. I prepare dishes that not only titillate the senses but also add significant meaning to any event, always striving to create a memorable celebration. From casual backyard barbecues to sophisticated penthouse cocktail parties, every event is an opportunity for a sensory celebration that guests will cherish. Be it Italian comfort food, elegant canapés, exotic charcutière, or healthy organics, I am dedicated to building unmatched flavor and elegance into every meal, solidifying food as the ultimate bonding element for people.