Festive Holiday Menu 3

Main Dishes

Winter Legumes
With a Rose & herbed Dressing Grilled
winter Vegetables Salad

Vegetable Sacks
With French Lentil & quinoa base

Organic Carrot & Turnip Mash
With Roasted garlic & Extra virgin olive oil

Smoked Tofu Crusted with Onion Flakes
And served with Truffle glazed Wild
Mushroom Pilaf (Porcini, Portobello, &
Shitake varieties)

Baked Signature Savoury Gluten –free Stuffing
With Sage and Apricots


Banana Squash Risotto


Hand done Dark Chocolate
Covered Fruits

With gold flakes

Gluten Free Chantilly Layer Cake
With Fruit and coconut cream

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