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Petit Déjeuner Culinary Gift Basket (Medium)


In France, the petit déjeuner is known as the first meal, or the little meal. We offer it as the perfect choice to try a selection of 14-16 culinary staples from Chef Laura’s kitchen. This includes in-season items like preserved lemons, rose and fruit sangria mix, 2 different homemade preserves, 2 simple syrups, 4 transformational spice blends, an elegant spice kit, and 2 additional items curated and approved by Chef Laura. Look no further, this is the perfect gift basket for the gourmet food connoisseur in your life.

Each basket has 14-16 full size items. This will include a selection of Preserved Lemons, 5 pantry items, Gourmet Spice Kit, 3 Tins of Spice blends, 2 simple syrups, 2 preserves, and seasonal specialty items. Includes a beautiful medium size wicker picnic basket

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