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Summer Subscription $75 x 4 Gift Basket

$75.00 / 3 months

For your future baskets, you will be invoiced $75 plus shipping, prior to the basket being shipped. This will be for the subsequent 3 baskets every 3 months.
The Summer subscription basket includes:

  • Blueberry simple syrup
  • Hibiscus ginger tea
  • Cocktail spoon
  • Citrus dream wheels
  • S’more please
  • Honeycomb

Chef Laura has curated her Summer favourites for this season’s basket! You can order your first basket now just in time to start making some delicious meals you’ll be sure to fall in Love with.

Customers are able to opt-out at any time.

Offer valid while supplies last. All prices in CANADIAN.

Taxes and shipping fees (for orders ) are not included in price. Foreign exchange or transaction fees may apply. The items you receive will depend on product availability and your Customization choices.

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