Did you know the tradition of giving wedding favours dates all the way back to Europe in the 16th century?

It didn’t even have anything to do with weddings, actually. That’s right. The origin of wedding favours doesn’t have a thing to do with your big day or marriage. I’m sure you’re curious, and now you can learn the long and (not so) winding history of wedding favours!

The history of wedding favours dates back to ancient times. In a time when people travelled long distances to attend a gathering, they were given a token or keepsake to communicate gratitude. Acknowledgement of their loyalty and generosity by the bride and groom’s family was an expression of goodwill and respect.

Often a bonbonniere, for the gift of five almonds has become traditional of symbolizing five hopes of new family wealth, health, longevity, happiness, and fertility.

Two wedding trends on the rise are the popularity of wedding favours and eco-friendly weddings. However, one doesn’t necessarily imply the other. 

Fortunately, you can create fun and frugal wedding favours that reflect your personality, tastes and beliefs all at once. Wedding favours come in many shapes and sizes today, but the basic concept remains the same: a small gift given to guests at a wedding as part of their parting gift.

Chef Laura’s gift baskets & build-a-baskets make for perfect wedding thank-you gifts. These gift baskets are great for thanking your guests, sending off the happy couple, or just celebrating a successful and memorable event.

Guests checking into their rooms and hotels for destination weddings are struck by the thoughtfulness which makes a great first impression. These gifts offer a great way to introduce your guests to the area where you are holding the wedding. 

They can also provide small amenities and practical items that may have been forgotten!

Your Bride Tribe and stagette weekend can all be personalized with wedding favours and trinkets that make the memory last with a keepsake tradition.

It’s clear that although wedding favours have their roots in the modern era, they’ve long been an important part of the culture. Today, wedding favours are more popular than ever before. The wide variety of possibilities available makes it a fun process to create the perfect favour for your big day or event.

Get hitched and tie the knot on the big day!