A Very Modern Culinary Gift Basket       

Baskets have been used for centuries by virtually every culture and serve both useful and aesthetic functions. From early civilizations and fairy tales, to the modern world, baskets have long been utilized to transport and gather goods, especially food.

Here we are in unprecedented 2020, the state of our world has drawn me to the idea of a culinary gift basket. A beautiful gift basket of bespoke culinary provisions is a joy to give and most certainly a joy to receive!  As the months race by and remote work is still commonplace, many people are looking for ways to show appreciation to their clients, employees and, of course, friends and family.

This new project from Chef Laura and Arcangel Events is one of the most creative, fun and inspiring endeavours I have worked on in my thirty-year career as a chef.   At Chef Laura, we have several gift basket options available, or you can customise one for a special customer or friend.  Quarterly subscription baskets are also offered.  

The subscription baskets are a thoughtful and delightful gift that include new seasonal items, recipes, cooking tips and a delicious treasure trove of culinary magic! We will also be introducing themed baskets in the near future.

With so many December holiday celebrations fast approaching, including Christmas, Hanukkah, and  Kwanzaa, these gift baskets are also perfect for those friends and family that we are unable to see this year. Our gift  baskets will please anyone on your list who loves food; from the aspiring gourmet, the experienced home chef or the secret foodie in all of us! We may be unable to travel the world right now, but we can still explore cuisine with our spice kits and gift baskets and transport ourselves around the world in our own kitchens.