For the Love of Food - My love of food and cooking wasn’t something I was born with. My family was in the restaurant business from the time I was two years old so, I guess you could say I grew into it. I didn’t really take an interest in cooking or creating until I was much older. I moved out... Read More »
Everything Irish - Ireland is the land of perpetual greens, leprechauns, magic and Guinness.It has been several years since I was last in Ireland and I am longing to return. While there are many charms beyond the craggy coast lines and lush lands and meadows, one does not go to Ireland for the weather or the food. In... Read More »
International Women’s Day Blog - The world often forgets the importance of women. Women have nurtured this world and filled it with the brightest lights, the sharpest minds, the warmest hearts, and the most creative souls. Yet, they are overlooked in many business sectors one being the food industry. Despite all odds, female chefs and entrepreneurs persevere to become change-makers... Read More »
Zodiac Signs Spice Blends Zodiac Signs as Spice Blends - It has been said that your horoscope can tell a lot of a person – their likes, their dislikes, their passions, and their character. But, have you ever been told what your star sign spice blend is? We thought so! Here is a list of spice blends based on your star sign. Be sure to... Read More »
Main Course Culinary Basket (Large) A Tisket a Tasket a Culinary Basket -   A Very Modern Culinary Gift Basket        Baskets have been used for centuries by virtually every culture and serve both useful and aesthetic functions. From early civilizations and fairy tales, to the modern world, baskets have long been utilized to transport and gather goods, especially food. Here we are in unprecedented 2020, the state of our... Read More »
The Perfect Christmas Apron! - With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to bring out those festive aprons! Christmas aprons make an adorable gift as well that your friends and family will love. The perfect apron can jazz up your kitchen experience in more ways than one, giving a good laugh or a finishing touch to your outfit as... Read More »
Warmed Hearts & Hot Drinks This Holiday Season - When I think of the holidays, I think of cozying up in my favourite nook with a hot drink and watching the snow fall. This time of year is filled with variety when it comes to picking the perfect beverage to help you relax. The tree lights twinkle, along with the soft melody of your... Read More »
Guimess Beef Stew Irish Recipes for St.Patricks Day - As appeared in: Celtic Canada Mid March is usually significant of two reasons for me; spring time approaching and St. Patrick’s Day. Having Irish blood run through my veins means that a good pub crawl with some traditional Irish food, live music and friends make for a perfect celebration! This year for my Irish... Read More »
Canadian Christmas Classics From Coast To Coast - As a Vancouver based catering company, we get various requests for ethnic influenced foods for weddings, events and Christmas parties. From majestic coast to coast Canada, is a mix of cuisines and traditions from all over the world. Our Christmas tables are heavily inspired by Europe, France, the U.K., and the U.S. We are a... Read More »