With the current social climate regarding the COVID19 pandemic, it has left us collectively wondering how do we go about celebrating and appreciating each other in a safe way? Despite the negative circumstances, experiencing a life without regular contact makes us appreciate who we love the most – the Moms of the world. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to get creative about celebrating to ensure that all of the mothers out there feel just as loved and appreciated as all of the previous years.  

If you don’t live with your Mom, here are ideas for how you can celebrate Mother’s Day while staying safe! 

Drop off at your Mom’s door a basket of home-made (or store bought) goods for your Mom to enjoy!  

Mail your Mom her own personalized recipe book!

This is the perfect way to combine all of your Mom’s favourite recipes. You can create your own professional looking cookbook here

Have a ‘virtual’ dinner date with your Mom!

Order her favourite meal to be delivered to her house and enjoy it with her over a video call. 

Give back!

Give back to a Mom who can’t see her kids! Perhaps you know of someone who lives in your building, who is a neighbour, or even a close friend who can’t see their kids. Send a little gift their way to let them know that they are appreciated and loved! 

Take a facetime walk together!

Get outside and enjoy the outdoors with your Mom while staying connected. There are plenty of experiences you can share digitally on her special day.