Quarantine has everybody feeling a little stir crazy at time, but there is no better way to combat that then by planting your own garden! With summer just around the corner, why not take advantage of this time by revamping your garden space. With these easy tips you’ll have an Instagram worthy garden in no time! 

Plan it out!

Make a plan for what you are going to plant. This planting calendar from The Old Farmers Almanac makes it easy to choose which plants will work best with your time frame and location! 

Pick the right location for your vegetables

Pick the right location for your vegetables (and have the right soil!) Now is the time to use that compost bin! Make sure that you’ve noted where in your garden you receive the most sunlight and shade – and also take note of the quality of your dirt! You want your soil to be dark and crumbly without any rocks! Your garden space should also receive up to 6 hours of sunlight a day for maximum growth potential. 

Start a compost!

Not only are you helping reduce waste that would otherwise head to the landfill, you are nurturing your own garden produce. A regular dose of compost in your plant soil will help it maintain its nutrients and keep your household environmentally conscious! 

Join a gardening group!

If you need any assistance with your garden, look for advice from your neighbours. Join the Gardening in the Fraser Valley Facebook group!

Create a watering schedule!

It’s easy to underwater or overwater your plants. Prevent this from happening by printing out your own watering schedule to help you stay on top of things!