One thing that I love about what I do, is everyday is different.
Tuesday evenings are a family cooking class. A young hip mom Tracey, her dear friend who is Uncle Paz to her beautiful twins daughters Ava & Emma (they are 8). A few weeks ago, we decided that with Valentines Day approaching, it might be fun to do some desserts and work with chocolate.

We made a very traditional Crème Brule, a Raspberry Mousse, and Chocolate Covered fruits. The girls love the mousse and there was the traditional licking of the utensils.

I am not sure what was more sublime the deserts or the looks on the little girls faces with their eyes rolling back in their heads with pleasure tasting the raspberry mousse and chocolate.

These desserts are easy and give a bit of a “Wow” factor to any dinner party.

Stay tuned … I will post recipes soon.