Petit Déjeuner (Medium)

Petit Déjeuner Culinary Gift Basket (Medium)


In France, the petit déjeuner is known as the first meal, or the little meal. We offer it as the perfect choice to try a selection of 14-16 culinary staples from Chef Laura’s kitchen. This includes in-season items like preserved lemons, rose and fruit sangria mix, 2 different homemade preserves, 2 simple syrups, 4 transformational spice blends, an elegant spice kit, and 2 additional items curated and approved by Chef Laura. Look no further, this is the perfect gift basket for the gourmet food connoisseur in your life.

Each basket has 14-16 full size items. This will include a selection of Preserved Lemons, 5 pantry items, Gourmet Spice Kit, 3 Tins of Spice blends, 2 simple syrups, 2 preserves, and seasonal specialty items. Includes a beautiful medium size wicker picnic basket

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Weight 4340 g
Dimensions 18.30709 × 12.40157 × 6.102362 in

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