From summer farmer’s markets, music and food festivals to autumn harvest, here we are, Thanksgiving and the Christmas holiday season are upon us.
Harvest, the noun, came from the old English word ‘haerfest’ meaning ‘autumn’ the season. The process of gathering all a ripe crop from the fields is harvesting.

Completion of harvest marks the end of a growing season or cycle and the social importance of this is the tradition of our Canadian Thanksgiving which, usually falls about six weeks prior to American Thanksgiving. South of the border, the crops are harvested a little later than in Vancouver Canada.
As the harvest moon slips quickly to the foggy dawn, we move out of our backyards and away from our barbecues into the warm indoors and cozy by stoves and fires where the aromas of pumpkin spice, soups, and roasted turkey dinners bring families and loved ones together.
Fragrances of apple and pumpkin pie drench my senses and fill me with pleasure.
Time falls back, and lazy summer days morph into the months ahead in keeping with hallowed family tradition.
In our kitchen, lazy days are nil especially with the holidays quickly approaching.
Stock pots are brewing and the kitchen aid churns with batches of cookie dough in anticipation of Christmas coming.
Turkey dinners and lunches are ordered for staff Christmas parties and soirées to be catered.
Gift baskets are created by the elf staff with care and precision.
Bows are tied, labels affixed, icing sugar dusted and final touches are in place.

We are ready! Bring on the holiday cheer.