With the passing of the holiday season and beginning of a new year and decade, comes that oh so familiar tradition of resolve and resolution. For many, the new year has us striving for healthier bodies, minds and relationships.

“It’s complicated,” at least according to the latest Hollywood movie and the popular Facebook relationship catch phrase, however, I prefer to take the road less traveled of “it should be simple and /or easy.” We as people, as a society, need to learn to let go and as we do really let go, things pass, and new opportunities present themselves.

As the calendar flips, I too resolve to take more care …. exercise & stretch more frequently, drink more water, drive less and walk more, work smarter and not harder, eat more raw foods and less sugar ( I love desserts), and be more conscious and thankful for all that I have.

I also want to simplify my life. The more complex my life gets, the more simple my desires are and that which comforts me. Food comforts me and I am always drawn to a gathering of family & friends with food and wine being front and center. The Christmas season was exactly that for me. Large dinners with family and friends were a kitchen collaboration of pure joy.  Cooking food is a form of sharing happiness. Eating is clearly more than just a response to hunger.

I’m really excited about sharing my passion for food, eating and living.  I would love to hear from you! ~ Laura