Summer Weddings – Chef Laura Style

Hopefully the recent, brief summer offered you some down-time: weekend getaways, time on the water for swimming, fishing, boating or floating, casual barbeques, and some good old-fashioned time in the sun.  As always, our wish is that this was shared with family, friends and lots of great food!

For us, the end of the summer spells the end of busy ‘Wedding Season.’

At Chef Laura, we love coordinating and catering weddings, uniting our expertise of food with that of celebration.  Food is a bonding element for people, and we love manifesting good taste on this most special of days.  Whatever the season or theme, love and food is a match made in heaven and I’m enamored by the sustenance that both offer.

Some of my favorite memories of this wedding season include:

  • Setting up an old-fashioned lemonade stand, on the hottest day of the year.  Our icy lemonade, filled with mint and limes, was labeled with Scrabble letters.
  • The familiar, rewarding sight of hungry guests happily loading their plates, loosening their ties, doffing their heels and coming back for seconds at the buffet.
  • Packaging leftovers for the family (allowing me to steal a few moments with the people closest to the bride & groom.)
  • Chocolate-covered grapes dusted with gold glimmering on the dessert table beside seasonal berries, lemon bars and raspberry tortes.
  • A homey backyard rehearsal dinner echoing with the comforts of home.
  • An English garden set in the middle of a west coast forest; its scents mingling with the aroma of chicken, ribs and fresh vegetables grilling on the barbeque.

We now turn our focus to the harvest season which brings with it, ironically, the beginning of ‘Pre-Wedding Season’!  It also heralds preparations for autumn harvest weddings among colorful foliage, and white winter wonderland ceremonies.

No matter the time or place of a wedding, one thing is constant:  love.  Love has no season, it happens everywhere, all the time.  To those who have met their match:  congratulations.  We wish for you to love, live and eat happily ever after.

Chef Laura

PS:  We are thrilled to be part of the fabulous Urban Wedding Show at the River Rock Nov. 4! Come by to say hello and share your thoughts on food and love.

See you there!