One of the benefits of living in British Columbia is the fact that planning a perfect date does not have to break your budget. With the warmer seasons approaching, it’s time to take advantage of our beautiful surroundings and plan a romantic picnic for you and your loved one. Picnics are memorable, relaxing, and most importantly inexpensive to organize! All you will need is a bit of culinary creativity, your comfiest blankets, and that special someone to plan your mini get away with. 

Here are a few of my favourite spots to retreat to around Vancouver! 

Stanley Park

With Panoramic waterside views, what’s not to love? If you feel like doing a travelling picnic, I suggest renting a bike from *Coal Harbour and making a few stops around the seawall! 

Jericho Beach Park or Spanish Banks Park!

Jericho Beach Park or Spanish Banks Park – These lovely beaches are the perfect place to set up an evening picnic. Enjoy the evening sunset with your favourite glass of wine and a delicious charcuterie board to match! 

New Brighton Park

New Brighton park is an excellent location to bring the whole family! With pool access, you can plan the perfect day trip for you, your kids, and the pets too! 

Lynn Canyon

If you’re looking for a beautiful spot where you can do some hiking as well, Lynn Canyon is the place for you! They have beautiful views of the valley, excellent areas where you can swim, or just sit near the water! Surrounded by forest, this is the perfect place to set up a picnic away from the sounds of the city. 

Trout Lake Park

Surrounded by trees and relaxing walking trails, Trout Lake Park another great location for a romantic picnic. There is nothing quite like being near calm waters and wildlife.