With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to bring out those festive aprons! Christmas aprons make an adorable gift as well that your friends and family will love. The perfect apron can jazz up your kitchen experience in more ways than one, giving a good laugh or a finishing touch to your outfit as well.

The significance of an aprons goes further than just practicality. A Christmas apron is a staple piece, that your children, friends, and family will remember come Christmas time. It can attach itself to warm memories of yourself making your best meals and being the perfect host come holiday season.

So… Where should you start? Here are a couple of my favourite Christmas apron styles.

Vintage Guatemalan Christmas Apron


These vintage aprons are hand woven and absolutely gorgeous. They begin at the waist, accentuating your figure as well! Often times these aprons have colourful and vibrant patterns, which makes them anything but boring!

Vintage Pin-up Apron


Who said that aprons couldn’t be a little sexy?
A 50’s style apron is sure to impress with bold Christmas colours and detailing. It also cinches at the waist, helping you achieve that hourglass figure while you cook! You can find a wide variety of these aprons on Etsy.